Genesis by GFS

How to measure your horse with the Genesis Gullet Gauge


Place a saddle on your horse’s back, in the normal riding position and make a note of a reference point directly underneath the saddle nail.


Remove the saddle and place the Genesis measuring device vertically over your horse’s wither.
Align the measuring device with the reference point that you have noted.


Ensure the measuring device bearing area is lying smoothly against the horse and the measuring device is clear of your horse’s wither.


The measuring device will now indicate the correct coloured gullet for the size of your horse.

Repeat this exercise every few months to make sure your saddle stays a comfortable fit for your horse.

Note: If you have fitted the correct size gullet and your saddle is still not fitting correctly, the panel may require repacking and it is recommended you consult a qualified saddle fitter.

Your horse will change shape for many different reasons, just like us. It is often due to age and maturity, the type of work your horse is doing and it’s levels of fitness.