Leather loses a percentage of its fat content very day of its life, and just as we need food to replace our energy, so leather needs constant replenishment if it is to continue to lead a useful life. (Hartley Edwards, E., 1963 Saddlery)

Proper leather care is crucial to maximise the life of a saddle and bridle. Leather is a natural product and if it is allowed to dry out it will eventually peel and crack. Spending a little time cleaning and caring for your tack will pay dividends in the future.

Cleaning and Care:

  • CLEAN leather by removing dirt with a damp cloth.
  • TAKE steps to replenish the lost moisture and fat content in your leather.
  • NEVER use hot water and do not soak your tack.
  • ALWAYS allow wet leather to dry naturally.


  • Traditional glycerine based saddle soap can be used to clean your tack.
    However, apply sparingly and do not use in isolation as saddle soap does not replace any fat content.
  • Hide foods should be used occasionally to replace lost moisture and fat content.
    Always allow three hours for hided food to soak in.
  • Oil must be used sparingly as over saturation will result in limpness.
  • Waxed creams create a waxy barrier between the leather and the atmosphere offering a layer of protection.

Remember your tack is unique and needs maintenance.
Regular care will result in a long and healthy life!