GFS Training Aid

Lunging forms a fundamental part of a horse’s training. Whether being broken in, schooled or brought back into work, lunging has a positive effect on a horse’s way of going. To help make your lunging more effective we have developed the GFS Training Aid. 

Developed by GFS the training aid is an essential tool for every horseman.  Working in harmony with the horse the GFS training aid encourages a correct way of going and helps the horse improve its self carriage and muscle tone. The GFS training is also useful for improving a horse’s rhythm and transitions through the paces.


Start your horse the right way from breaking in or return from injury with the GFS Training Aid. Perfect for regular use while lunging. GFS recommends every horse owner should have one and use it on their horse at least once or twice a week as part of their exercise and training programme.


The GFS Training Aid offers a range of settings recommended for use at various stages of a horses training. 


GFS Training Aid | Code: B822

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