As the Monarch GP saddle but with a double stitched leather for a more luxurious finish and a closer feel. The ideal saddle for a rider in all disciplines. Very comfortable and balanced seat with a generous flap, support the rider whether it be used for jumping or on the flat. This saddle has an open head and front gusset in the panel, being suitable for a horse with an average height wither. The wide weight bearing panel suits a wide range of horses. An extremely versatile saddle. Fit supplied as Wide.


  • Suitable for a horse with an average height wither
  • Easy Fit Gullet system
  • Lightweight flexible tree
  • Flocked panel
  • Front Gusset
  • Extended girth webs
  • Soft hide covered leather
  • Standard knee block
  • Rear Flexi block


MONARCH GP-X | Code: S605


Narrow - Extra Wide

Havana Brown, Black


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