Monarch Pony Jump

The Monarch Pony Jump saddle is a revolution in pony saddles with it fully double stitched covered leather and lightweight flexible tree and easy fit gullet system The saddle is forward cut especially suitable for a rider more serious about jumping with a secure seat giving the rider greater flexibility Velcro front and rear flexi blocks allow the rider to adopt a number of positions and accommodate a number of leg lengths The panel allows for a closer feel enabling greater communication between horse and rider.


  • suitable for a pony with an average height wither
  • easy fit gullet system
  • lightweight flexible tree designed using a CAD system
  • extended girth webs
  • point and balance strap girth options
  • double stitched leather
  • front and rear flexi block
  • square cantle
  • hand assembled in walsall, England


Monarch Pony Jump | Code: S671

15" / 16"


Black & Brown


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